Welcome to MyCivitas
An affordable, user friendly asset management platform for small communities.
MyCivitas is an all-inclusive, easy to use platform that lets you record and manage your assets in one powerful information system.

How does MyCivitas work?
The heart of MyCivitas is a map of your community and it's assets and infrastructure.
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Capture your infrastructure
Create an asset inventory using powerful mapping software. Our data capture system uses QGIS, a free and open source desktop application.
Prioritize Your Assets
Our system performs risk assessment analysis and preventative maintenance planning analysis on your data.
Support Your Capital Planning
Make informed decisions to support your capital planning.
Set Up Work Order
Use the platform to plan ad hoc and scheduled maintenance planning tasks.
We Are Here to Help
Let us know if you need any help along the way, from capturing data to presenting to council. We have a team of experienced staff available.

Please note that support is not included in the hosting fee. A popular option for small communities is to sign an annual support contract. Please inquire (support@civitas.ca) and we will connect you with a team member near you.
Enjoy Asset Management
Practice effective and sustainable asset management on our affordable platform to benefit of your community.
Pricing with small community in mind
Choose the number of staff that will be using the platform.
✓ Allowing up to 3 users
in the organisation.
Or pre-pay annually (save 17%)
✓ Allowing up to 5 users
in the organisation.
Or pre-pay annually (save 17%)
✓ Allowing up to 10 users
in the organisation.
Or pre-pay annually (save 17%)
Our story
MyCivitas was created by LandInfo Technologies and Kartoza after we identified a need for an affordable and easy to use asset management system for small communities. The large proprietary offerings are overly complex and far too expensive for most small communities to be able to invest time into or afford.

Open Source
MyCivitas is Open Source software. This means that the intellectual property behind the platform is freely available to everyone and developed by a community of users who care about solving the problems you deal with every day in your small community.